Shamanic Breathwork® Ceremony


Mon 30 September | 10:00 AM
The Yoga Barn

The breath, aided by chakra-attuned music provides a route to the discovery of your inner landscape, healing, and trauma release. In this workshop you’ll be initiated into a sacred space and engage in ceremonial practices to create unity between you and other members of the group. There’ll be time and space to really explore the depths of this magical modality. 

Each person will have a breathwork journey accompanied by a partner and have the opportunity to hold space for them during their journey. 

Some people laugh. Some people cry. Some people enter a state of deep and profound meditation. Each time you show up for it, breathwork takes you wherever you need to go. A process that ultimately moves you away from the agendas of your ego and towards the sacred purpose of your soul.

Levi Banner M.A. is a Master-Level Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Ordained Shamanic Minister through Venus Rising Association for Transformation by Linda Star Wolf. He is also certified to teach Pranayama through Kaivalyadhama yoga institute in India by the living master Sri O.P.Triwari. Levi has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and can be found teaching regular class at the Yoga Barn.