Shamanic Dance Temple

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Sat 17 February | 06:00 PM
Newearth Haven

Pre-Sale will close at 3:00PM on Saturday, we'll have tickets available at the door as well.


We invite you to bare open your heart with us in this Shamanic Dance Temple, where you will be led by Maia Balam (who just arrived from Mexico) into Maya-Aztec-Lakota-Q´ero rituals involving fire, flowers, water, copal, collective & individual offerings, movement. 


Then you will be guided into a "Totemical Dance Journey" where you will discover your inner animals, unleash your wild side, connect to the heart of the sky and the hearth of the earth, and merge with the totem animals of the Jungle. 


In this 5 hour event you will:

- set up your intentions for the year ahead.

- Give thanks to great spirit and life

- Decompress from pain and daily routine

- Merge forces with nature and others

- Enjoy frozen Mayan cacao chai

- Be part of a Maya-Aztec fire ceremony

- Delight with the Dj sets of Maia Balam & Dj Templestep

- Express your primal energy


Come early if you want to dine with us at the beautiful bamboo castle of Akasha Restaurant.

* Bring a flower or big leaf

* Ceremony & galactic activation begins at 7pm

* Dance Temple - DJ set by Maia Balam 8pm

* LIVE DJ set by Templestep 930 pm

* Sound journey closure 1030 pm