UPCLOSE - Adventures in Intimacy wit Leah Santa Cruz & Paul Teodo

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Sun 17 February | 02:00 PM
The Yoga Barn

UpClose is a heart-warming, NON-sexual intimacy workshop that's WAY more fun than work!   Learn how to get closer to your loved ones while having fun in beautifully guided connection games. Take away practical skills you can apply in ALL your relationships - with your lover, friends and even family. 

Recommended for both singles and couples. Come alone or with a partner!

You’ll dance, laugh, expand your heart and connect in a space that allows you to feel safe and accepted, encouraging your authentic self to emerge and meet others in a state of unbridled joy. Leah and Paul will guide you in practices of communication, dance, nurturing touch, breathwork, giving/receiving and mindfully-relating with emotional intelligence. They create a loving space for you to shed layers of fear so you can get close and open your heart to deeper love and excitement in your relationships. 

What you’ll get from this:

·         Learn how to create heart-connection, playfulness, and authenticity with your loved ones.

·         Safely expand the edge of your comfort zone, move past fear and become free to be yourself.

·         Explore how to heighten your senses and make simple interactions more pleasurable.

·         Learn how to speak needs and boundaries in healthy ways, restoring harmony and polarity.

·         Increase your self-esteem and step into BEING the type of person you’d want a relationship with. 

·         Experience an incredibly playful, heart-opening love, sense of connection and JOY.

Please note this is a NON-sexual intimacy workshop. You can choose to interact with everyone or just with your partner. This space allows everyone to feel safe, respected and honored.

About the teachers: Leah and Paul are yoga and meditation teachers who have been leading intimacy workshops for several years across the world. They practice what they preach in their relationship with each other and love providing a space for others to transform their relationships too.