Ultimate Funniest C*** - Perth's Biggest Comedy Competition
Butterfly 73

A stand-up comedy competition to uncover Perth's best emerging talent. Winner will represent Perth at some of New York's iconic comedy venues.

Winner will be flown to perform in New York, flights and accomodation included, attending New York's premier comedy workshop, and to perform at some of the world's most iconic comedy venues in New York. Alongside some of the greatest comedians in the world.

Butterfly73's aim is to find and promote a future global star, as we believe some of Perth's local talent is world-class. And we want to help showcase it to the world.

Some key highlights:

1. Performers: New, nervous, or experienced, doesn't matter. This competition is open to all. Those who've never done stand up comedy before, and those who have some level of experience (doesn't matter if you're nervous, or forget a line) - the judges are looking for potential, not polished. We want to unearth those who may not consider giving it a shot otherwise, collectively growing Perth comedy,

2. Content: This competition is the first of its kind where the are NO restrictions on content. We believe in the current climate, comedy is being restricted to fit within certain boundaries. In our case, we want to create a safe, and artistically open channel. This isn't a license to offend, it is however a license to experiment and be different,

3. Performances: Each comedian will be given up to 7 minutes to perform new, original, comedy material at their allocated heat. Each heat will also have a crowd-work (a crowd interaction) round, which will test the skills of each comedian to handle the unexpected,

4. Structure: There are 6 heats, 2 semi finals, and 1 final to be held on 8th January 2020. Heats are compered by a professional comedian, judged by experienced professionals with industry know-how, and the best acts from the heats progress to the semi-final, and those from the semi to the final.

5. Length: Each heat will be 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes in length, with the semi final and final up to 2 hours.

All public are welcome to attend, and it is advisable to purchase tickets beforehand - as the capacity is limited and likely to sell out.