The Art of Adjustments with Jose Luis


Thu 26 September | 02:00 PM
The Yoga Barn

Hands-on adjustments are very powerful tool for yoga teachers. When done well, hands-on adjustments are an opportunity to retrain patterns or ways of moving that we see in our yoga students. In this Workshop you will understand the big picture of why, when, and how to apply hands-on adjustments, while learning skills that can be applied to all styles of yoga asana practice and “real-world” bodies  (including differences in height, flexibility, strength, and level of practice). These skills go a long way in building the relationship that you have with your students and instilling trust.

Topics covered:

- Why do we do physical adjustments in yoga?

- Is it ok to put my hands on someone?

- What makes a good adjustment?

- Where should I, the teacher place my body?

- What adjustment is appropriate for this student?

- How do I judge the amount of pressure I use?

Jose was originally trained in Tai Chi and Iyengar yoga, and explored different yoga styles worldwide. He lived 5 years in India where he opened his own yoga studio and deepened in his spiritual practice. Jose sees teaching as a service – he strives to spread awareness of the importance of spinal decompression and alignment of the body (to relieve stress, treat injuries and improve any physical practice) as well as the workings of the mind. His classes are fun, challenging and spiritually uplifting.