Svatantra ~ A Secret Temple Dance


Sun 08 September | 02:00 PM
Ubud Events

An experience of Ritual Sound and Movement on sacred land in a temple of central Bali.

* This is an invite only event and we trust you in sharing this invitation with your closest friends. Please do not share this event in any groups or with people you do not know personally *

2pm Shuttle departs from Sayuri (35mins to venue)

3pm Purification pilgrimage to holy water pools and river

430pm Breathwork Session

6pm Ecstatic Dance with Svara & Laws On Earth

9pm Chillout (Food and drink available throughout the day)

1030pm Shuttle departs back to Sayuri

Contribution : 200K

Please bring a sarong, swimwear and warm clothes for the evening.

For more information, please PM @UbudEvents

* Important information – please read! *

- Please no photos, phones, or talking on the dance floor

- This is a drug and Alcohol Free event

- Please do not bring your pets. It is not safe for them and they will not be allowed in the venue.

- Please be mindful whom you invite. This is a sacred place and do not wish to have anyone who may cause a nuisance.

- Food and drink will be available on site

- Please bring a refillable bottle as there is fresh spring water on tap (ask the staff on site)

- Please bring a sarong, swimwear and warm clothes for the evening.


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Can I drive to the venue?

Yes, Gooogle Maps: 8°27'20.6"S 115°12'44.3"E
Carangsari, Petang, Badung Regency, Bali

2. Will there be tickets at the door?

Yes, there will be limited tickets available at the door at IDR250k, we highly recommend you to get it via to avoid any disappointment.

3. How can I get the free shuttle service?

Sign up via and show up at pick up point (parking lot opposite Sens hotel)

4. Can I bring my pet?

Pets are not allowed in this venue.

5. How far is the venue?

Approximately 17km from center of Ubud ( 35mins drive)

6. Will there be food and drinks?

There will be a Vegan/Vegetarian local food vendor serving us at the venue.

7. Can I bring my friends?

If your friends are a person who appreciates nature, people and dance, yes bring all of them.

8. Can I get drunk and stare at others or take pictures of people dancing?

There will be no alcohol served at the venue nor permitted on premises. Please do not use your phones on the dance floor please do not take photos of people without their consent.

9. Why there are so many rules?

This is an attempt to create an amazing dancing experience on a sacred land, closest possible to pristine nature and beautiful green scenery. We want to make sure everyone is aware of the fact that its not about one person but a collective experience of dance as a prayer.

Love all!