Songs of the Heart: A full day of blissful Yoga and Kirtan


Fri 30 August | 08:00 AM
The Yoga Barn

Begin this perfect day with a dynamic and heart-opening Yoga practice together. Then feeling energized, relaxed, peaceful and open we begin our journey into a transformational Kirtan (the practice of singing/chanting sacred mantras in call and response style). We’ll let the Bhav (feeling/vibrational essence) of the moment carry us into deeply devotional and ecstatic states; and, after a loooong and spiritually uplifting Kirtan we’ll go inward into a profound inner stillness and sacred connection through meditation. 

If time remains we will join in more heart-opening practices, philosophy talks, deep relaxation, or…more Kirtan! We’ll let the feeling of the group decide. This full day of blissful Yoga and Kirtan practices will be held in the beautiful, serene natural setting of the Lotus Studio. Held and accompanied by nature, we will join the Universe in joyous praise of life!

Celebrate and sing! Jai Bolo!

Greg has been teaching and practicing yoga for 15 years with many great masters worldwide. Drawing on a deep well of knowledge and experience from many traditions; as well as his own developed intuition, Greg lightheartedly adapts each class, technique and moment for the needs of the students. His deepest wish is that each one of us realise our own innate beauty, and experience contentment; not as a future concept, but as the full acceptance and present moment embodiment of our own unique spirit.