Kosmos Islands • Rites of Passage

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Sat 24 August | 05:00 PM
Newearth Haven

Since early history, shamanic rituals have been used to gain knowledge of the great mysteries of existence through journeys to the "other side".

In the stunning sanctuary of the Akasha Venue at NewEarth Haven, we invite you on a warrior's journey to the other side, where you will be initiated into the realm of high intensity body shaking natural trance inducing beats, driven by the sounds of the didgeridoo, drums, and otherworldly DJ sets.

Join us for this Rite of Passage, embarking on a vision quest into becoming nothing and everything, to dive into the deepest primal source energy of your being resonating with the pulse of eternity.

• • •

Featuring a special Totem Creatures exhibition by BALAC Primitif

Doors open at 17:30, please join us in time for the guided opening ceremony at 18:00!

Presales 150K
Available online at www.ubudparty.com and at Akasha Restaurant, Newearth Shop Ubud & Sayuri Restaurant.

At the door 200K