Elemental presents Oshun


Sat 19 October | 06:00 PM
Newearth Haven

Elemental presents OSHUN
We gather and flow. Together we grow.

Raio | Giselle World | Shamanic Catharsis
Live Jams | Cacao | Ecstatic Dance | Sound Healing

Calling all forces of love and light: it is time to unite.

Unified by their love of ceremony and reverence for music-as-prayer, Raio, Giselle and Shamanic Catharsis join forces for a transcendent night at Akasha. A rare night of woke original music to keep the dance floor moving and our sweat-soaked prayers flying to the heavens.

Regulars in Tulum, Ibiza, and on the Burning Man playa, these internationally touring artists draw upon their collective experience as DJ’s, producers, ceremony-leaders, and multi-instrumentalists to create a full spectrum, spirit activating concert, ecstatic dance, and sound healing experience. The latest in the Elemental event series, featuring the best in tribal electronica, live ancestral rhythms, masterful musicianship, and soulful vocals.

The artists are dedicating this gathering to the sacred waters that nourish, sustain, and purify.

• • •

Raio is a producer, musician and DJ who’s been uplifting the tribe in Bali for over a dozen years. An eco-community steward and co-founder of the BaliSpirit Festival, Raio has played a key role in the evolution of the conscious scene on the island. Freshly back in Bali from an inspiring run on the West Coast and out to Burning Man, he’ll be sharing tracks from his new album, due out later in the year.



• • •

Flutist and vocalist Giselle is a captivating performing artist infusing ritual and indigenous culture into the electronic scene. She is a classically trained musician that has been journeying in the electronic music world for over 10 years. Through her travels and love of ceremony she's created a soundscape of unique, conscious textures and fusion of tribal electronic medicine music. Her performances are an alchemical experience honoring the elements and inspiring healing through powerful use of indigenous chants and ancient mantras.



• • •

Shamanic Catharsis (Pablo Vicencio), part of the Chill Mountain record label in Japan, travels through the stars to infinity, reaching deeply into your being with shamanic healing songs and much percussion to connect us to earth.

Pablo Vicencio, producer and multi-percussionist, has traveled the world in search of his own sound. With a Grammy in his favor, he works with great artists such as Nicola Cruz, in large part of his latest album Siku and several remixes such as the Bomba Estereo Raíz (Nicola Cruz Remix). Producer and Multi-instrumentalist in Huaira, session and tour musician with Check Tidiane Seik, Altiplano de Chile, Minuk, Raio, Paulina Aguirre, Laurin Hill, Cinto, Wañukta Tonic, Wooden Oxen, Alberto Plaza, Skruk, and others.


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6:00 pm ~ Doors Open
6:30 pm ~ Cacao is Served
7:00 pm ~ Giselle live set
8:00 pm ~ Raio live ecstatic dance set
9:00 pm ~ Shamanic Catharsis
10 pm ~ Healing sound journey and song circle


Raio, Giselle, Pablo & Akasha Team

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Tickets 200K
Pre-sale tickets 150K

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**Akasha Restaurant will remain open from 11PM-3AM for afterglow & chill, serving a select menu offering.