Mobility & Movement Immersion


Fri 20 September | 09:00 AM
The Yoga Barn

Welcome to an exploration of mobility and movement!


This immersion takes us on a journey within our bodies to empower ourselves with more range of motion, tools to strengthen and improve our joints, and explore freedom of movement! Mobility offers control. Control creates awareness. Movement is medicine, after all, so the more we move, the freer we feel and the more fun we have moving like our inner child knows how.

Session 1. The Pillars

* Joint function and building strength through rotational movement.

* Moving in active range of motion to increase tissue adaptation and muscular resilience.

* Exploring tensegrity and asana in new ways, individually, in pairs, and in groups.


Session 2. The Paint

* Free up your spine with spinal waves, coils, and (in)tension.

* Animal locomotion to embody our primal self.

* Task-based movement in a playful setting.


This is for everyone wanting to celebrate their body through movement in new and challenging ways!