Recurring Event
Rip Curl School of Surf Sanur


With kitesurfing you aren’t reliant on the waves for speed - all you need is wind and we have plenty of it in Bali. We’ll show you how to take control of your kite, ride across the flat water lagoons and head out to the reefs to surf the waves rolling in. Our International Kite Organisation accredited campus in Sanur is where all the kitesurfing courses take place. Prepare yourself with all the essentials for simple freeriding, and with expert guidance you’ll be progressing to freestyle and wave riding kitesurfing in no time.



If you’re after quick exhilaration then wakeboarding is the sport for you. Quick to learn but hard to master, our wakeboard coaches will get you up and riding in one session, but it is down to you how far you want to push your skills. Watch our coaches pull off indy grabs, 180 spins and boost huge airs off the wake, then practice these tricks yourselves. Our specialised wakeboarding boat makes it easy to adjust the size of the wake, so you can ride whatever size you’re comfortable with.