Intro to Vedic Astrology with DC Leiro (Shivananda)


Fri 13 September | 09:30 AM
The Yoga Barn

Jyotish, often referred to as Vedic Astrology, derived from Sanskrit word ‘jyoti’, (directly translates as light) is an Astrology system originated from the Vedic traditions of India. Famous for its accuracy, this ‘Science of Light’ is comprised through sophisticated mathematical methods and cosmic analysis, providing deep insights into your karmic patterns and innate tendencies.

This workshop will give an orientation to the building blocks of how a chart is set up and the start of analysis. No prior experience is needed, Instructions for Astrological software (free) will be provided. Participants who attend are encouraged to research and know their exact time of birth in order to have their charts produced.

Numbers are limited so book online now and dont miss out!

Shivananda started his study of Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotisha over two decades ago, he graduated from the Ayurvedic Institute in 2001 and has been part of The Yoga Barn since 2007. His current main focus is on Jyotisha (Vedic astrology) and he offers sessions at The Yoga Barn Center for Wellness and Healing. Plus you can book a session online from the 'wellness' page on the website.