Intrinsic: A Journey Into Light With Sound and Medicinal Plants

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Sat 31 August | 05:00 PM
Newearth Haven

Inspired by “Teotl” meaning God in ancient philosophy of Aztec non-duality, Intrinsic is a journey through sound, light, and plant technology to reach higher states of consciousness.

Intrinsic is an experience at the intersection of art and technology where Light Mandala technology will transform the already stunning New Earth Haven / Akasha venue into a fractal sacred geometry work of art harmonizing the energy in the space. Geometric Mandala fields deliver informational resonances interacting through the energetic human meridian nodes and informational field resulting in harmonious mental, emotional, and psycho spiritual states.

Light-Mandalas technology team will be working on cleansing and purifying energy of water, stones around venue and stage by using structured geometric coherent frequency light system and various healing equipments.

Bach flower remedies will also be offered in combination with individualized Light Mandala frequency scanning to determine the optimal remedies for each person. We are giving out free individualized remedies drinks to every audience.

Enzo Muro (Dialogue, LA)
Svara (Kosmos Islands)

Enzo Muro's first taste of electronic music began during the late 90's back in Peru. Since arriving in LA in 2004, he has been dropping records around LA, Mexico and Peru with broad tasteful style of music. Experienced playing at Burning Man, Desert Heart and Lighting in a Bottle for a few years, now having joined the zealous Electronic Groove team based out of Miami. Enzo has connected a strong link between the U.S. bicoastal network. Currently a resident artist of Dialogue, one of the most prestigious parties in LA.

One of our favorite artists, Svara is a techno-shaman, sound healer, and has been musician/dj for more than 15 years. Combining live instruments such as the didgeridoo with electronic sound in collaboration with other musicians, each Resonanz is a unique journey into the deep self through light and sound.

Music from the last 'Resonanz' ecstatic dance at Paradiso

5pm ~ 7pm - Light mandalas frequency scanning / Bach flower remedies
6pm ~ 8pm - Music by SVARA with light mandalas session
8pm ~ 10pm - Dance with love and infinite possibility,
music by Enzo Muro (Dialogue, LA)
10pm ~ 11pm - Sound / light healing (Svara sound healing)

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