2nd ICoLC Conference & Round Table Discussion on Local Church

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Thu 25 October | 12:00 AM
GPdI Maranatha Medan

2nd ICoLC Conference & Round Table Discussion on Local Church is a special event for Pastors, Leaders, Minister, and Activists of local churches.This is the time for you, the church leaders, to learn from the man of God who have been proven and used by God extraordinarily in developing the church and ministry. Don't miss the opportunity to expand your knowledge, to increase your value, building a network with other church & ministry leaders, to bring innovation to your church, and to influence the society. ICoLC is here to empower local churches (Pastors & Ministry Leaders) to become healthy local churches.

What is the purpose of this event?

This is integration of measureable activities qualitatively and quantitatively that leading people to Christ and Continuing with Dicipleship Process, in order that every believers knowing and understanding their obligation and responsibilty to do the Great Commandment, personally and corporately.

Session Topics:

  1. Keynote Speech: "Future Local Church - Challenges and Opportunity"
  2. Developing Leadership in Churches' Leaders
  3. Developing Leadership in Local Church Ministry & Structuring Ministry
  4. Developing Successful Youth Ministry
  5. Reaching and Winning Millennial Generation to God
  6. Campus Ministry
  7. Panel Discussion 1: "Developing Leadership & Structuring Ministry"
  8. Panel Discussion 2: "Next Generations"

Guest Speakers:

  1. Rev. Bobby Chaw, M.Div (City Harvest Church Singapore)
  2. Ps. Kevin Loo (Collective Kuala Lumpur)
  3. Ps. Charlestone, M.Div (Heart of God Church Singapore)
  4. Ps. Nala Widya (ElShaddai Creative Community Church Bandung)
  5. Ps. Fandy Latif (GBI Sukawarna Bandung)