Circadian Rhythms • Templestep x Walkerji x Suraj


Sat 18 January | 06:00 PM
Newearth Haven

As 2020 dawns, we come together, opening the circle and stepping together into our individual and collective highest state of beingness. As the old structures crumble away we have the opportunity to unite our bodies, minds, and spirit through our dance, breath and voices to create a new fabric of society. Joining together to tune into the real, unite our collective vision and re-write a new script for our world.

Temple Step, Walkerji and Paskal Suraj come together to co-create this reality with you at Akasha on the 18th of Jan. Drawing on their years of devotion to music and ceremony to create a night, a vehicle, a beginning, an open circle initiation.

Opening the night will be a new modality of cacao ceremony where we unite our bodies, voices and breath into a collective vehicle of potent transformation and manifestation. Weaving the songs and traditions of the amazon, the breath and devotion of the zikr, with the powerful medicine of cacao and launching into the ancient future dance floor reality of our co-created now.

Building on the energy cultivated in the cacao circle we open into the merging of the ancient and the electronic with Walkerji bringing his exquisitely crafted mid tempo dance floor magic.
Then followed on by Temple Step blasting off into an ecstatic dance journey, guiding us through the global cultures of dance music and beyond. Incorporating live percussion, Sansula, Synths and FX, bringing in a sense of the magical and mystical, inviting everyone to go deep inside to find their true self-expressions and unleash themselves on the dancefloor.

To close the evening the trio of Temple Step, Walkerji and Paskal will co create a sound healing journey incorporating, Vocals, Sansula, Synths and FX providing a space from people to reflect and rejuvenate.

To close our night together Paskal & Walkerji will share songs and prayers around the sacred fire.

We look forward to connecting with you and co-creating this wonderful evening of collective union.

• • •

6:30 Cacao Ceremony
7:30 Walkerji
8:30 Temple Step
9:45 Sound Healing
10:00 Songs around the fire

The Akasha Venue will stay open till 3AM for afterglow and chill session~

• • •

Presale 200K IDR available at Akasha Restaurant, NewEarth Shop Ubud and Sayuri Restaurant as well as online at
250K IDR at the door