Beyond Health Towards: Expanded Consciousness


Tue 24 September | 12:30 PM
The Yoga Barn

Chi/Prana/consciousness is the force, the glue that permeates creation as it permeates our being.  Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese internal training which allows us to access the universal life force and flow in this energy that is within and around us.

This workshop will explore and connect the different aspects of Chi, consciousness, spirituality and reality creation.  The use of Chi Kung and the Sensory practices create an ideal forum to build body/mind awareness, ground, activate and expand our personal energetic field.  

We will talk about the human energetic body as it relates to the Greater Reality, factors such as poor nutrition, unresolved emotional and life issue, trauma, etc. that block the flow of Chi, affecting our health and narrowing our Reality aperture. There will be a focus on the importance of breath and of opening our heart.

Hang Wang is an experienced Chi based intuitive healer, practitioner and facilitator of the internal arts for about 2 decades. 

He is a founder of and a healing practitioner at The Yoga Barn's Healing Centre

At the beginning of 2000 Hang embarked on a healing journey. He attended a school in Santa Monica, California, where the healing art was transmitted by teachers with deep knowledge and experience of healing based on Qi (life force or energy flow). During that time, he was fortunate to meet and learn from healers who had a wide range of modalities that have influenced his own healing abilities.

In 2001, he experienced some profound inner openings and had a powerful spiritual experience which completely altered the course of his life. He started to understand that healing was really about an inner transformation and about Qi. So he started sharing this potent message.

After leaving American for left India, Hang has traveled to different parts of the world teaching Qi Gong as a path to healing. He is now based in Bali.