Besk Welcomes Fervor and L.A.S. Vino



Thu 31 October | 07:00 PM

Join us in welcoming Yoda of Fervor and Nic Peterkin from L.A.S. Vino for an incredible night of native food and minimal intervention wine.

Fervor works in partnership with local communities, Traditional Owners and businesses to promote the beauty and assets of each region across the country. With strong ties to the land and environment, Fervor leaves no trace of an event upon completion.

L.A.S. Vino aim to make absolutely delicious, delectable and desirable drops and to discover new flavours in the world of wine. Their mantra is minimal intervention and where possible they aim to work with growers using sustainable vineyard methods.

Guests will be treated to 5 courses from Yoda matched with 5 wines from Nic in the Besk Cellar.

Tickets are extremely limited so get in quick to avoid missing this incredible opportunity.