AWAKENING X Larisa Gosla Feat. Temple Step

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Sat 20 October | 06:00 PM
Newearth Haven


• Heart Awakening • Laris Gosla feat. Templestep

An evening of connecting to the heart, through ceremonial cacao, acoustic music, ecstatic dance, and sound healing. Come to connect, to awaken, to nourish, and to celebrate the power of the heart.

About the performers:

Larisa Gosla is an International Musician/Speaker with a background in Sound Healing and Hypnotherapy and she provides Transformational Vocal Empowerment Programs. Singing and dancing since she was 5, she has always listened to her creative purpose and has traveled the world nationally and internationally performing and sharing her gifts for audiences of thousands. She has shared the stage with artists such as Xavier Rudd, Trevor Hall, Ayla Nereo, Bernadette Peters, A Beautiful Chorus, and more. 

Her music will bring you to a heart-centered place of unity and connection and contains messages full of transformation and unconditional love. Her passion for the metaphysical and healing arts led her to study at the nation's most recognized hypnotherapy school, Hypnosis Motivation Institute, where she studied for a year. During this time, she was introduced to utilizing sound as a therapeutic application and began working with the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls in conjunction with Hypnotherapy and Voice. 

Knowing that there was much for her here, she traveled to Spain to study with two of Europe's top sound practitioners at The Association of Sound Therapy where she received her Diploma for Sound Therapy for Personal and Planetary Transformation. 

She has a deep passion for connecting and uplifting through music and sound. She shares her music and speaking with audiences around the world, at music festivals, in private and intimate concerts, and also she offers custom songs, transformational vocal coaching, and sound healing. You can find her music on Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, BandCamp, and can see more of her here:

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Temple Step Project:
Combining over 22 years experience in music production, live performance and a Diploma in Psycho-Spiritual Healing, Temple Step has developed a unique form of sound immersion journey. Live montaging of Sacred Audio, Psychoacoustic Effects Processing, Granular Synthesis, Voice and Shamanic Healing tools create a journey that fuses ancient culture with futuristic sonic textures.

Temple Step’s unique offering has opened the way to share this sacred music over the last 6 years in workshops / live performances / opening and closing ceremonies / live breathwork and meditation workshop music and healing / meditation CD’s. His path has lead him to work for and collaborate with significant people and festivals in the healing arts and music field such as Baraba, Marx Hubbard, Breath of Bliss, Cait Sudder, Avishai Barnatan, Ashrea Heart, Darpan, Deya Dova, Bali Spirit Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Eclipse Festival and Uplift Festival.

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Akasha Venue Ubud, 6PM - 10PM
Presales 150K
Available at Akasha Restaurant, NewEarth Shop Ubud & Sayuri Restaurant

At the door 200K

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