• Akasha Nights • Return to the Source

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Sat 16 June | 06:30 PM
Newearth Haven

NewEarth Haven is back with our legendary Akasha Nights, a conscious dance party inspired by ecstatic dance, hosted inside the fabled Akasha Villa. 

This is where it all began, so come join us on a journey back to the source. Guiding us on this journey will be DJ Jake Kobrin, providing us deep sensuous bass music suitable for delving into the inner depths of our self expressions, connecting us all together on the dancefloor.

Pure Dance is transformation, catharsis and healing, surrendering our distracted and distractive minds to come back to the source inside and from there reach out to each other through our pulsating hearts.

• • • 

We begin the evening at sunset with an Agni Hotra ceremony, to cleanse, charge and prepare the space.

After that we dive into the journey with DJ Kobrin, closing the evening with a sound healing ceremony.

• • • 

150K at the door